The Diecast Podcast: Dragon Heist and the Trollskull Trio

HELLO FRIENDS. Have I mentioned lately that I am very bad at updating my web site? WELL HERE I AM and I’m telling you that I have been very bad at updating my web site.

Now that that’s out of the way, I mentioned forever ago that I was finally playing Dungeons & Dragons. What I think I failed to mention with that post is the group I’m playing with is also a D&D podcast called The Diecast Podcast. All of my campaigning as Amalica Myep is available for you to listen to and enjoy!

I’ve definitely grown a lot with Amalica as my character as I try to navigate how to play and just lean into the silliness of it all. We also had an adventure as a wonderful rat character named Hildie (whom I love and would take a bullet for) in our Gutter Runners side episode. I love Amalica but Hildie was a lot of fun to play as…

ANYWAYS, this post was meant to be here to tell you about our campaign and to inform you that you can listen to our adventure! Visit here to find out more about where you can listen.