Q&A: How do you get inspired to write?

There’s no one way for me to find inspiration, but I love to consume movies, TV, podcasts, comics, books…anything that I might enjoy. When I really like something, sometimes it makes me think about how I could tell a story like that and I start crafting ideas around it.

Other times, I just have a good old fashioned brainstorm session where I write down all the story ideas that I’d love to play around with and then I narrow things down based on what I think is strong and could be developed more.

And with comic books, one of my other favourite ways to find inspiration is to talk to an artist that I want to work with, and ask them what sort of stories that they want to tell. With their ideas, I try to create something based on what they’re keen to work on, in the hopes that we’ll get the opportunity to work together on something that we’ll both really enjoy.