Wayward Sisters: A Monstrous Anthology

Wayward Sisters: A Monstrous Anthology

From mermaids hunted for their meat to a ghastly beauty pageant, Wayward Sisters celebrates lady and non-binary monsters who are indelicate, impolite, and irrepressible. Inside you’ll find tales of undead motivational speakers, vengeance demons compelled to hunt family, and a gentle T. Rex who just wants to be loved.

With a cover by Alise Gluškova (Abe Sapien, Letter 44) and a foreword from Faith Erin Hicks (The Nameless City, Avatar: The Last Airbender), we’re excited to bring you fresh comics to sink your teeth into!


My story for Wayward Sisters is titled MISS MONSTER: She’s beauty and she’s grace… and she may rip off your face! Three monstrous queens go head-to-head-to-head in a beauty pageant they may not all survive… 

Art by: Cara McGee

Reviews for Wayward Sisters

"Equal parts whimsical, wistful, and weird, Wayward Sisters is the anthology by ladies for ladies that I’ve been waiting for. Toronto Comics has assembled one of the best femme teams in the biz for this one, and you can’t miss it."
-Sam Maggs (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Wonder Women)

"At times quirky, surprising, moving and true, the tales in Wayward Sisters show us monsters that are all at once familiar and constant: monsters that we face every day, or see in the mirror, and the importance of embracing the monster in all of us…shadows, scales, and everything in between."
-S.M. Beiko (The Realms of Ancient)

"These are the sisters you need beside you - bold, unique, and unapologetic. The talent in Wayward Sisters is outstanding, there is a story in here for everyone, and the anthology will give you a new appreciation for the genre."
-Megan Lavey-Heaton (Namesake)