2019 Movies Watched and Top 5

Like with my Books & Comics list, I’ve put together the films I’ve watched in a nice little graphic, courtesy of Letterboxd. I kind of wish that they had a feature like Goodreads where I could just compile the things I watched this year but OH WELL. I actually watched Midsommar and Brightburn on January 1, 2020 […]

2019 Books & Comics Reading List… and my Top 5s

This is a bit late but I finally rounded up all the books that I read this year in a nice little infographic (thanks to Goodreads organizing through the Reading Challenge). Take a look and at the bottom, I’ve included my Top 5s for Books & Comics in 2019 as well (although it was written […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tartarus coming soon from Image Comics

I have exciting news TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I’ve been given the go ahead to talk about a new upcoming series that I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working on as an editor. TARTARUS is a new series coming out from Image Comics. Written by Johnnie Christmas and with art by Jack T. Cole… […]

OH MY GODS Cover Reveal and HMH’s new imprint, Etch

A couple of cool things to share today! First of all, I can finally share the cover for Oh My Gods: Book One. The cover was done by the amazing Juliana Moon with design and logo by Andrea Miller. It’s perfect, and I love it SO DANG MUCH (you can see it on the right). Second, the […]

Toronto Trash Panda Raccoon Costume: Halloween 2019

I love Halloween dearly. I don’t remember it always being this way but somewhere along the way, the holiday turned into something delightful and magical for me. Maybe it was that when I was a kid, I was at the mercy of my mother’s costuming abilities (which were actually pretty great…) and as an adult, […]

Mississauga Comic Expo 2019

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending MCX (Mississauga Comic Expo) at the Mississauga Central Library where I had a booth set up for Creator Resource, and I was the Noel Ryan Auditorium moderator for the day. My friend Tate came with me to help watch the Creator Resource booth and I spent […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: ParaNorthern Book Deal

I have been waiting for what feels like an eternity to finally be able to talk about this upcoming project of mine. It was the first story I ever really set out to really complete and make happen, and over the years it’s grown so much from what it originally was into this story that I’m […]

Q&A: How do you get inspired to write?

There’s no one way for me to find inspiration, but I love to consume movies, TV, podcasts, comics, books…anything that I might enjoy. When I really like something, sometimes it makes me think about how I could tell a story like that and I start crafting ideas around it. Other times, I just have a […]

Q&A: Who was your biggest influence when getting into the comic industry?

When I was starting in the industry, Kelly Sue DeConnick was one of the first people stepping up for women (that I saw) and taking the time to really encourage them to tell the stories that they wanted to see in the world. She would frequently give out her personal email and information to any woman […]