A Civic Holiday Long Weekend

It’s been a bit hard to go out and enjoy the summer when a) it’s hot as hell out there and I hate it and b) my life has become a whole series of deadlines. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very happy and all the things that I’m on deadline for are amazing, and I truly can’t complain about it. It’s just hectic.
I have yet to call my Oma back after two weeks of calls from her. I feel terrible because I just don’t have any time during the waking hours to do a catch up, but I know I need to make time for her soon. It’s just hard.
But ANYWAYS, that wasn’t the point of this post! I was going to reflect on my weekend and not mope about stuff.
My sweet patootie and I like to try to go out as much as we can but our lives and date nights have mostly been either writing dates at Starbucks or the library or we’ve been too tired to function and have resorted to watching TV and/or movies at my place. It’s tough to find a balance when you’re both exhausted from your day jobs and all the other things going on around you. But again, I’m not here to mope!
It’s Kirk’s (aka sweet patootie) birthday next week and he’s decided that he gets an entire week to celebrate. I’ve agreed provided that I also get a week to celebrate. He begrudgingly mumbled something about that.
We decided to go to Cherry Beach for some Go Karting! We headed down there and arrived after many detours (the Cherry St bridge was broken so we had to take a huge walk east, south, and then back west to Cherry St), we arrived. We had kind of planned on doing the Go Karting and then maybe mini golf or axe throwing so we were there for a while with purpose.
We got to the Go Karting and signed up for 27 laps (why 27 when it could be 25 or 30, I do not know but specifically 27 laps was part of the “manager’s special”). We got suited up in hair nets and helmets and got onto the course. It was a lot of fun and actually just very zen to drive around and do the course over and over again.
Someone definitely rear ended me on the track though, and thinking that it was Kirk, I shouted “What the actual f*ck, maaaan?!” and turned around to face a man and what I can only assume was his young daughter so, 1) very sorry for swearing at you both, honest and 2) don’t rear end strangers (or anyone) in Go Karts. WHOOPS.
We finished up our laps – I think we were out there for about 25-30 mins or so – and then walked around a bit. We’d both been directly in the sun for a bit in the karts so the idea of playing mini golf in the sun for a while more really wasn’t that appealing to me. Kirk LOVES the sun. I do not. I mean, I like it well enough but I definitely hate feeling like I’m roasting in it and prefer being in the shade.
We tried to go to axe throwing but it was fully booked until 9pm and we weren’t about to wait around until then (it was like, 3-4pm).
So the only thing left to do was…well, eat. We wanted to eat. The T&T Asian grocery store is there and so we got food from there and gorged ourselves on delicious dumplings, noodles, and chicken. And desserts, because of COURSE.
Then I stared lovingly out the window at a beautiful husky puppy and not so silently whimpered “I love him” while shedding tears for my dog that would never be.
Full disclosure: I do not actually want a dog. I just want to pine after everyone else’s very cute dogs.
And after we finished our dinner, we decided that we didn’t feel like walking anymore and got the bus home.
I don’t know why I titled this post about that weekend when it was really more specifically about our Saturday but here we are and I’m not changing it! The rest of our weekend was relatively boring in that we went to Starbucks (the library was closed) to write and work on projects, and hunker down on things. But together.
Friends: find yourself a partner who will hunker down on creative projects with you for 83% of all your dates because it’s fantastic.