Geek Trivia #19

QUESTIONS ROUND 1 1. C3P0 is fluent in more than how many different languages? 2. What is the identity of X-Men character Marvel Girl? 3. Kristen Bell stars in the cult favourite TV series Veronica Mars, but what series does she narrate and never (really) make an appearance? 4. The name of which American rock […]  Read the Rest »

Geek Trivia #18

QUESTIONS ROUND 1 1. Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin starred in this short-lived TV series by Bryan Fuller. 2. Which author wrote the “His Dark Materials” book series?
 3. In film, which central character was 57 years late for her daughter’s 11th birthday?
 4. True or False: the Latin word for sickness caused by excessive […]  Read the Rest »

Geek Trivia #17

ANSWERS ROUND 1 1. The Jetsons features a lot of robots but also has a non-robot dog. What is the dog’s name? 2. True or False: There is a patron saint of the internet. 3. Magic spells are kept in which kind of book? 4. What does the name Zorro actually mean? 5. Starting in […]  Read the Rest »

Geek Trivia #16

QUESTIONS Round 1: 1. James Howlett is the real name of what comic book character? 2. The phrase ‘Up to eleven’, found in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary since 2002, stems from which cult film? 3. Lexicology is the study of what? 
 4. Walt Disney ironically suffered from suriphobia. Suriphobia is the fear of […]  Read the Rest »

Geek Trivia #15

QUESTIONS Round 1: 1. “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” is what candy’s tagline? 2. Name the two (regular continuity) Hawkeye’s? 3. Which very wise and enchanting fictional character’s name is the Old English for any insect that flies with a loud humming noise? 4. What show follows a pie maker who has […]  Read the Rest »

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