Obligatory SW: The Last Jedi Thoughts

I have opinions about pretty much everything so here we are as I’ve decided to collect and share my thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi here.

Don’t you run a web site where you could share these thoughts? I mean, yes… I suppose I could post things there but I’d rather leave the site for more coherent reviews and the like as opposed to just my spoilery thoughts on the film.

Oh right, by the way, this will have SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen the movie, please for the love of god– do not read this and then yell at me that I spoiled things.

You’ve been warned…

Okay so this is just going to be a mess of thoughts because I decided that I didn’t want to write a full on regular review. Overall, I really enjoyed the film while I watched it and I teared up pretty much every single time that Carrie Fisher was on screen and just about rage threw my popcorn when I thought they killed her off rather unceremoniously.

…but then it was fine and I was fine and everything was fine.

I guess I should note that these are so much my thoughts on the film as a whole as some nitpicks. Again, I’m not claiming that this is a thorough and coherent review… I just wanted to vent some of the things that I really didn’t like about the film because they really kept me from loving the film? Sort of how I felt about Rogue One, I suppose.

I read a ton of articles on The Last Jedi before writing this including great ones over on Slash Film and Vanity Fair which I considered before writing this and to take in all thoughts and opinions that may not have originally crossed my mind. Some of them definitely helped put parts of the film into perspective for me but then there were things that still took away from the overall experience for me.

The Rose/Finn Romance
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh puuhhhhhh-lease. I hated this so damn much… we got these two fantastic leads in John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran (who I am absolutely in love with) as Finn and Rose Tico, respectively. We get them on this adventure to save the day and do something to change the course of the battle– it’s great!

But then when you think about it, they really weren’t together for that long and then Rose goes and saves Finn’s life after he resigns himself to a suicide mission. I would’ve been fine with her just saving him because they had a bond and connection but I was a little disappointed by the fact that she had to become a love interest to Finn.

I can respect that they wanted a romance within the film since there really hasn’t been one in this new trilogy. I suspect that they wanted to get rid of any real possibility for Finn/Rey or Finn/Poe which I can also understand but they just threw these two together. They were so delightful to watch on screen and I really enjoyed the relationship they had but the kiss and Rose’s declaration of love just left me feeling UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

The Length of the Film
The Last Jedi could easily have been 30 mins shorter without sacrificing any of the story. The casino stuff was relatively pointless except to serve as a message about war and profiteering. It didn’t add to the overall story, in my opinion. You could argue that it laid groundwork so that the kids that Finn and Rose meet will eventually become part of the Resistance but I really think you could’ve still cut the majority of that out and still got the picture.

The final battle was also kind of pointless too, in my opinion. It looked beautiful with the salt fields and the red underneath the top layer but was it necessary? I don’t really think so. I think you could’ve left things with Snoke’s ship (or I guess Kylo’s ship by that point) being destroyed by General Holdo (which was a goddamn STUNNING scene…) and the Rebels making their escape.

Obviously Johnson wanted Luke and Kylo to have a showdown to bring the whole thing full circle but the fight leading up to it and just after felt a tad too long overall.

I don’t think I was as big into Snoke as everyone else. I kind of enjoyed reading about the theories and all that good stuff but I was never like SNOKE IS GONNA BE DOPE. Nonetheless, it was so anticlimactic? He was just gone. Which was kind of cool, I suppose? I like that Kylo Ren takes control of his fate and decides that he doesn’t want it in the hands of Snoke but also, it was disappointing.

The fight that followed Snoke’s death was hella cool though. I was absolutely ON BOARD with that… which leads into another nitpick: I wish that Rey/Kylo wound up having a different relationship… not with them being together or anything like that – I do NOT ship that shit. But rather, I wish that either Kylo came to the light or Rey to the Dark Side just to toy with a different dynamic with our lead characters. It’s not even that I don’t like what happened but it would’ve been fun to see something new.

Kylo Ren
I am anti-Kylo Ren. I liked him a bit better in this film (as opposed to The Force Awakens) but not by much. I think it’s more that I really dislike Adam Driver in the role. He’s so bland. He’s like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight series for me– I like Kristen Stewart but she was written in the films to essentially just be a self-insert for every young person out there that loved the franchise. Adam Driver doesn’t feel like he brings anything to the table here… he just feels like Adam Driver but in a black cloak.

I guess this is just a personal gripe but I don’t understand the love for Adam Driver. I hated him in Girls (although I admittedly hated that show as a whole), and I really just feel like he’s playing the same character in this but having listened to 1000% more My Chemical Romance in high school.

Poe Dameron
Look, I love Poe Dameron as much as the next person but hot damn did I ever hate him in this film. I get that they were making a statement that was building his character and having him grow but again, UGHHHHHHH. I guess this isn’t so much a nitpick so much as just me really wishing he wasn’t such a garbage person.

Ultimately I can appreciate what Johnson has done to try to really give the franchise a fresh start instead of pandering to all the fans from back in the day. I love that Rey, Finn, Rose, and Poe are all POCs and they’re given the lead roles in the film. Either women or POCs are carrying the new trilogy and that’s freaking AMAZING… I just wish that we didn’t have to use romance tropes and such to drive additional plot stuff or if we were going to do any romance at all, why it couldn’t have been woman/woman, man/man, or interspecies relationship etc. I just wanted to see something different and not feel forced.

I THINK I’M DONE RAMBLING NOW. Go see the movie and let’s talk about things.

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