Issue Zero Podcast: Issue Twenty-Two

I’m Fred Kennedy, host of Issue Zero, this week we chat with Steph Cooke, she’s a writer. What I love about her is she’s so honest about what she’s doing. The trials and tribulations, we’ve talked to many established people, and creators in the industry so far, and Steph is one of those people that is bubbling under, has worked on a lot of things, done a bunch of smaller press things, and now is starting to break through. She started working at a vintage movie store, did acquisitions, podcasts, blogging, doing reviews, then started writing and working as an assistant to a writer, and now has work a talent search with Millarworld, and is having her first major work published. She also has write prose and has a literary agent, it’s cool and inspiring to have someone at that level talk about what inspires them, and it’s a different perspective than what we’ve had before now.


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