E:106 Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man | Dance Toby, Dance | The Missfits

In episode 106, the Missfits take a look back at a simpler time in superhero movies with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy! The ladies take about ugly crying faces, superhero campyness, James Franco eating pie, and why Evil Dead is pretty much the only thing ever on Amelia’s mind! …read more Source:: E:106 Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man […]  Read the Rest »

Issue Zero Podcast: Issue Twenty-Two

FROM THE POST: I’m Fred Kennedy, host of Issue Zero, this week we chat with Steph Cooke, she’s a writer. What I love about her is she’s so honest about what she’s doing. The trials and tribulations, we’ve talked to many established people, and creators in the industry so far, and Steph is one of […]  Read the Rest »

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