Dating Diaries: Let Me Find Your Soulmate

A couple weeks ago, I was boothed at Word on the Street, selling copies of Secret Loves of Geek Girls on the cusp of the Dark Horse Expended Edition. Hope had asked me to take care of the booth while she was in Edmonton for the convention there. I showed up a few minutes before […]  Read the Rest »

Dating Diaries: The Herpes Bandit

I’ve been on and off dating for the last little while. Over the summer I chose to mostly be off of them to just focus on hanging out with my friends and working on projects etc. I was super ok with this and had a great summer without any dating drama of any sort (crazy […]  Read the Rest »

Dating Diaries: Take Me To Degrassi

For most Canadians, a staple of growing up was watching episodes of our debatably most famous TV export, Degrassi Junior High. However, I didn’t grow up with a TV for the most part and thus I never really got the chance to see episodes of the beloved Canadian classic (later iterations would career launching platforms […]  Read the Rest »

Show Female Athletes The Respect They Deserve

To the women out there who are not only competing for Olympic medals but competing for the media to take them seriously: I’m with you. This is all absolute bullshit. It’s not even close to being fair that men, threatened by the success of a woman, need to strip it down and attribute to the […]  Read the Rest »

Pokémon Go Meet-Ups and Thoughts

On Monday evening for the debut of Pokémon Go in Canada, I went to the CN Tower for the Launch Party Meet-Up that was being thrown. Lures were sponsored and people were encouraged to come out to catch rare (and not so rare) Pokemon in the company of fellow trainers. More than 3000 people showed […]  Read the Rest »

Burger Hostage

I decided that after my crazy day wandering around the Pride Toronto events on Sunday that I wanted to grab a burger for dinner. I won a free hamburger at a Pride booth but instead of cashing in on that prize, I decided instead to go to a place a block away from my apartment. […]  Read the Rest »

That Time I Tried Extreme Pillow Fighting

No, this is not a joke. Extreme pillow fighting is a very real thing and this week, I tried it. More accurately, I tried OUT for it at the Anchored Social Club in Toronto, which is kind of like where you’d expect a Canadian Fight Club to take place. A friend of mine, Brandy Dawley, […]  Read the Rest »

Dating Diaries: I Can’t Be With You…

If you know me even the smallest bit about me, you probably know that I have a very strong weird magnet. A magnetar level weird magnet. Know why I know what a magnetar is? Did you guess so that I could make life to magnet comparisons accurately? Because that’s the answer. I swear to jeebus, […]  Read the Rest »

Dating Diaries: Do You Even

One of the many plagues of listing that you’re a geek on an online dating site is the dreaded “Do you even!?” line from dudes who half want you to actually turn out to be the geeky girl of their dreams and half just want to be gatekeepers to a community that they still consider […]  Read the Rest »

Dating Diaries: First Dates

For a pretty good chunk of my life, I didn’t date. When I first started having interest in going out with boys, I went out on a few first dates but I was in high school and these don’t really count, at least for me. I mean, my parents dropped me off because I couldn’t […]  Read the Rest »

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