DnD is happening after all my years!

Yeah so it has taken me a substantial number of years to get around to playing DnD. Not because I didn’t want to but more because every time I’ve gotten close to trying to play, the groups either never happened or just fell apart due to time and what not. A few months back, Miles […]  Read the Rest »

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019…Almost

2018 has been a rollercoaster of emotions for pretty much everyone. Politics especially have taken over a big chunk of our lives as we devote a ton of mental space to trying to fight the people who are taking away the rights of so many people. I’ve had a crazy year outside of the general world […]  Read the Rest »

Movie Night: Double Feature Extraordinaires

Movie nights are amazing – especially the kind where you’re at home or a friend’s place and you can get cozy with great company. My friends and I have recently started doing a monthly get together where we pick the ULTIMATE of double features, order comfort food, and watch them. I thought I’d share a […]  Read the Rest »

The Halloweekend

It’s no secret to those around me that I love Halloween. I definitely don’t go as all out as a lot of people that I know but it’s up there with my favourite times of year. Who doesn’t love getting the chance to dress up as whatever you want and go to parties and other […]  Read the Rest »

I’m Learning to Play D&D!

After many years of almost starting in a D&D group and having it not pan out, I met up with some friends last night who had invited me to be a part of an upcoming campaign. I am very excited. I feel like D&D is such a massive part of geek fandom and even before it’s […]  Read the Rest »

Top 20 Comic Books

I was recently asked to share a list of my Top 20 Comic Books. It’s been a loooooooong time since I did any list like this so I started mulling things over in my head and decided to put something together. I feel as though I’m missing a million things and this list is in […]  Read the Rest »

MCX 2018 is a Wrap

On Saturday I headed out to Mississauga with the lovely Tory Woollcott and Andrew Wheeler to attend MCX – the Mississauga Comic Expo. I had never attended before but one of the organizers is Jason Loo, who is a fabulous comics creator in the Toronto area. The con takes place in a library (the Mississauga […]  Read the Rest »

What’s Next: MCX – Mississauga Comic Expo

I probably should’ve posted this earlier than the day before but I’ll be at MCX (the Mississauga Comic Expo) on Saturday October 20 (aka tomorrow). I’m moderating two panels as a part of Creator Resource and will be wandering around the show for the remainder of the day. I’m really excited to be a part […]  Read the Rest »

Last Night’s Event

I’m trying to get better about blogging again (we’ll see how long I can keep it up…) so I wanted to talk a bit about an event I ran last night. You may or may not know that I’ve been running a site called Creator Resource along with some other amazing people. We decided to […]  Read the Rest »

Favourite Reads of 2018 (so far)

I’ve been voraciously reading this year and trying my best to get through as many book books (as opposed to comic books) as possible. I’ve neglected books for a while in favourite of comics so it felt like a good year to shift my primary focus. I’ve missed reading and building a world put down […]  Read the Rest »

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