Welcome to the online home of Stephanie Cooke aka ME! Here on the About page, you can learn a little bit more about me, what this site is all about and how I can help you out with a variety of jobs from writing, editing, public speaking and more.

That brings me to my next point that has to do with the site’s creation: the design. This site would be a Tumblr or crappy generic WordPress blog if not for the creative talent of 801red who made this web site possible. If you’re looking for someone to change up your site in any way, shape or form, I cannot recommend 801red enough.

Now onto other things. Here’s a rundown on me:

I’m a quirky weird magnet based out of Toronto, Canada. I’m a big ol’ geek and lover of comics, books, movies, TV, video games, and basically just all things pop culture. I’m an amateur photography (you can see some of my photos here on the site), and I’m a proud crazy cat lady.

Things I Do:

  • I’m the Lead Editor of the Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 5: Osgoode as Gold (TO Comix, 2018).
  • I’m a comics editor on books such as We Are The Danger (Black Mask Studios, 2018), Project Solace (Self-Published, 2018), and more to be announced.
  • I’m the Editor in Chief and Founder of the entertainment web site Rogues Portal.
  • I’m a writer that’s had several published stories in Mark Millar’s Millarworld AnnualThe Secret Loves of Geek GirlsToronto Comics Anthology, etc.
  • I’m the Volunteer Coordinator for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF).
  • I wrote a 6-episode original radio play called The 5 People You Meet in Hell with a great group of people. That’s available to listen to on iTunes.
  • I ran Toronto Geek Trivia for 3+ years and may someday do that again…
  • I’m also a public speaker for convention panels and other such things. I’ve been a part of several panels including ones on social media, Mythic Fiction, Superman, creating geek events and community building, self-publishing, freelancing outside of comics and more.

On this site, in addition to my portfolio, photos, etc., you can also find the stories from my crazy everyday life. Some of them may be interesting and some of them may be boring as hell, but I hope that if you’re here it’s because you like what I have to say and you’ll tune in as I talk out my life.

I’m available for freelance writing, editing, guest posts, interviews (podcasts and print), trivia nights and public speaking at events and panels. If you’re interested in getting in touch with me for work or anything else, all of my info can be found over on the Contact page. If you want to know what services I can provide for you, all of my details can be found on my Hire Me page.

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