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As mentioned in big letters above, this is the online home of everything Stephanie Cooke aka me. Here you’ll find everything that you could ever possibly want to find about me including a mini-bio, my personal musings, my writing about movies, comics, TV and more, a feed of the podcasts that I’m regularly a part of, jobs I’m available for and most importantly, my contact info. Plus there are also some pretty nifty testimonials that you can read about me, so there’s that.

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  • A Weekend in Tinder

    On a good day, I’d like to call the force that pulls interesting beings towards me my “weird magnet”, but sometimes that really doesn’t do any justice to what exactly I mean. There are a few people who’ve been privy to the crazy that surrounds me (Nikki, I’m looking at you… that day at the […]  Read the Rest »



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