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As mentioned in big letters above, this is the online home of everything Stephanie Cooke aka me. Here you’ll find everything that you could ever possibly want to find about me including a mini-bio, my personal musings, my writing about movies, comics, TV and more, a feed of the podcasts that I’m regularly a part of, jobs I’m available for and most importantly, my contact info. Plus there are also some pretty nifty testimonials that you can read about me, so there’s that.

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  • The Late and Great GenCon 2014 Post

    GenCon was obviously a few weeks ago now but I have yet to really talk about it. Well, here anyways. I talked extensively about it on Missfits and Talking Comics but I didn’t do any write-ups on it, which totally count. Maybe. Sort of. SHUSH, IT’S MY BLOG. A few weeks ago was GenCon and […]  Read the Rest »



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